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Friday, August 19, 2005

Micro-teaching - Liyan and Yizhen

First off, I think i'm a very bad actress. What should I do?!?! Any one has any ideas on how to act convincingly?! Ok, I havent gotten out of the adolescence ego-centrism stage apparently. Test: whose theory is that???

Liyan's Karsts

Liyan has managed to state the objectives of the lesson right in the beginning of the lesson though I feel that clearer instructions could be given before giving the worksheets to the students as there wasnt too much information with regards to the point of doing the worksheet. As such there was a certain amount of confusion from some 'students' as to how activity A is different from activity B.

I also thought that it was a great move to include a physical sample for the students but it would be even better if we could touch it. Then again, if those samples were my own personal collection, I wouldn't allow the students to touch them either.

Innovative touch by asking the students to put their EZlink cards and IC in front of them as a form of classroom management but there is still the question of what to do once the card has been confiscated as after the cards were taken, the 'trouble kid' had more reason to start trouble again.

Another point to note: Although Liyan had a very serious attitude in terms of conducting the lesson, she wasn't really consistent in maintaining discipline. This could be due to her anxiety to conplete the lesson but for the students, it could be misconstrued as being 'biased'.

Yizhen's 'Rift Valley'

Ah yes, the *ahem* 'rift valley' comment with the accompanying clip which Kean Fan decided to keep out of public eyes Question: The comment made was pretty mild and interpreted as sort of a 'compliment' in a way. What if the comment was something more explicit and bordering on sexual harrassment? Does it mean that just because the person in question is a minor, s/he can get away with it? What is a teacher to do when a student makes 'private' comments about him/her? Does the teacher pretend not to hear it and let it go, confront the issue straight on with the student in front of the entire class or use humour to divert the issue?

Personally, if someone were to make a comment about me, I'll make sure that said person gets my own personalised version of Ferguson's hairdryer treatment. But since we are all supposed to be perfect teachers with mother teresa's heart despite what's thrown our way, I believe humour is the best medicine for comments that are made in jest and good humour but for the more serious ones, I would handle it on the spot and let the class know that in no uncertain terms how I feel about their comments. Damn the lesson plan. Hm.. maybe except during practicum :P

As for the lesson itself, I felt that Yizhen was well prepared and handled the lesson well despite not being able to log on to the internet to get some of the materials/diagrams that she needed AND having to deal with everything that went wrong. It would have been the worst day of any teacher's life. So although I felt that she was a little easily distracted and that brought about a seemingly lack of focus in her lesson, given that she has to go through the whole gamut of craziness in the class, it was handled well :)


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