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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Shou Wee's Volcanoes

Shou Wee's Showy Display

By showy, I meant it in a good way :)

A very organised and well thought out lesson plan. Nothing really bad to say really and I particularly liked the part where she used tapioca to show how the viscosity of the lava affected the steepness of the volcano. Im sure that the students who saw that will go away from the lesson with a very powerful image. Too bad there wasn't enough time to actually carry out the activity within the time frame. This is getting to be quite common I noticed and in fact, was exactly what I faced when I was contract teaching as well. Inability to cover the lesson within a period. I guess given our propensity to try and convey as much information as possible in as short a time and being distracted by students, we often find time to be against us.

Another observation both in school and during micro-teaching: we tend to focus on those who are noisy/attention seeking and the quieter ones who may need help are often ignored, assumed to know what is being taught. Human nature I suppose but an area worth looking into I think...

And I dont know about the rest of you but the more micro-lessons that's being conducted, the more nervous I become! Especially since this Thursday is my turn and I haven't thought of how I am going to conduct it?!!?! ARGH!!!!!


  • At 12:14 AM, Blogger S W said…

    Hi, thanks for your comments. Talking about showy, it was one of the many nicknames I have. Others include Shall We and Shall We Talk (my surname is Tok). Sigh...
    Ok, Jia You for your micro-teaching!


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