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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Wrong side of the bed?

Thing is this - I do not have a bed, only a mattress that lay against the wall. As such I could not understand how on earth I managed to get out the wrong side of it cause today is a really horrible day! Everything felt wrong and anything that could go wrong went wrong. Murphy's having a field day with me. So I just had to rant:

1) Woke up at freaking 7am wondering why the alarm didnt go off (when I could have slept till 9am!)
2) Looking through my house wondows - weather is sunny and sky is blue.
Looking through my helmet visor - dark clouds, POURING rain and NO shelter
3) Drenched and pissed, I went to NIE bookshop to get dry t-shirt and shorts - only NIE t-shirt ($9.90 btw) and NO shorts. Auntie directed me to minimart near NTU LT2. "Confirm have ah!"
4) Minimart's near HALL 2
5) Of course leading to - late for class in totally drenched jeans and undergarments
6) After 1st lesson - Had to get dry shorts!!! So? Late for 2nd class lah!
7) After-dinner dessert - dripped on my just changed dry shoes.
8) Pillioning my friend and about to exit carpark - the bike almost dropped on its side. Bruise!
9) Going to friend's place to collect XP OS - got XP Office
10) On route to friend's place - a guy likes me sooo much that he felt that he should muster up whatever machismo he had by showing off his driving abilities and his car... abruptly and right into my lane. No warning, no signals. I was inches away from being 'loved' to death together with my friend. 'Nice' move. Too bad I wasnt impressed enough to get his carplate number so that I can drop him a letter.
11) With all these going on, backache!!!
< /rant >

Yups, that about sums up the 'nice' day i had. Almost couldnt make it home to even write this up though that means that I'll still have to do micro-teaching on Thursday!!! But hey, I'll rather micro-teaching than be floating somewhere up there. So that's a HUGE relief...

I suppose we must always look at the roses among the thorns too, if not I'll go crazy. At least from this horrible day, I now know that NIE doesnt sell shorts and the minimart that does is at HALL 2. I also now own a (not too bad looking blue) shorts and another t-shirt, broke the rules of MOE by wearing scandalous clothing with justification, washed and dried my bike cloth, got a free massage and dinner and realised that I need to polish up on my riding skills and techniques. Anyone with any tips?

Oh, and Im still ALIVE!!!

< /positive balance >

Hope tomorrow is a better day...


  • At 7:38 PM, Blogger geognut said…

    Yeah when I was driving to school, i was empathising with the bikers who all huddled underneath the flyovers along the expressway and trying to shield themselves from the downpour.

    Is there a possibility of adding some form of compartment on your bike? Can place those water-proof clothing inside heh.

    For your micro-teaching session, don't worry, nothing much will happen.

  • At 9:51 PM, Blogger lijialefw said…

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