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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Yups! It's over! :-)



To be honest, I was in two minds as to which level I should teach. Express/Special or N(A)/N(T). Given that I had taught Express/Special during my contract teaching and school experience, I decided on the latter group. (For those who are sick and tired of being disruptive kids, apologies!!! :P)

So, I had to do earthquakes. Again, I was in 2 minds what I should include in my lesson. I had found 3 clips and a few audio files (listening to earthquakes). To be honest, I was more biased towards the latter but the question was how do I incorporate it into my lesson so that it's comprehensible to the Normal students?

Having thought about it till milk curdled, I realised that it's an uphill task that is almost impossible to accomplish given the simplicity of the subject content, lack of time left and made worse by the fact that most learners are visual rather than audio learners... so that was scrapped and clips it was...

By that time the decision was made, it was already Monday. Great. I thought then that it was compulsory to submit the lesson plan before the actual microteaching and so I was in a bit of a fluster, having to prepare for lessons and at the same time, having to think about how on earth to write up the lesson plan AND having to catch with with whatever else I had to do for the rest of the modules. Add to that the bad day I had on Tuesday, this pretty sums up a pretty bad week for me. Im glad that's over for sure!

Oh, did I mention that I prepared for a 50minute lesson instead of 30? I overlooked the factor that NA classes have a shorter period, so had to re-do my lesson plan :P It did give me some focus on what I had wanted to do for my lesson though so I'm not going to complain much.

Ok, so back to clips. I had the option of using all three clips or using just one. Since 2 of the clips are pretty similar, I decided that one clip is good enough and that if time permits, I'll use the other clip to reinforce what I had to say about lateral faults. Then, I ran into a problem. I had thought up of all the activities for each section and what I was going to say but how do I link all the different parts up? This is particularly a headache in trying to link up the introduction and the body since there was a jump from a general idea of what an earthquakes is to how it happened and I did not want to give the definition straight up without them having to watch the clip.

For this part, I have Shou Wee to thank. Thank you!!! :-) Drawing on student's schema! hahhaha... so therein comes the fake nephew's definition! Hee!!!

Actual Lesson

Exercise Routine - Actually that was impromptu. I did it cause I was nervous and wanted to get MY nervous energy out before starting the lesson. Hehe and this was under the guise of getting the students to be more awake for my lesson hahahha! However, I did feel that some (most?) of you students were not as enthusiastic in doing the exercises so I think this 'technique' would have to depend on the type of class that you get. Not all students will be as enthusiastic about getting up from their seats and doing what is considered 'stupid' exercises.


Despite the exercises, I still felt pretty tense. Im not sure if any of you caught it, but I was trying to keep my cool and organise my thoughts. I was having sort of a mental block, not knowing what I was supposed to do. Good thing I had written down the gist of what I was supposed to doand had it right in front on the table. Cheating hahahha :P Anyway, cause of the block that i had, I felt that I was unclear when addressing the 'class', particularly when I was referring to what 'was taught previously'. So that was I thought not a very good start. I think I only started to settle down abit towards the middle of the lesson. That was when my volume became a bit louder?


Ok, personally, I felt that flopped cause I did not set the right tone with the class. I had wanted to have a quiz-like situation where the students were abit more enthusiastic about finding and giving the answers but since I did not set the right tone, (add to the fact that I did not really think about how to create a more lively session) that became more like 'look at the clip and give me the answer' session. Also did not think of a reward system. Not enough time. Only printed the worksheets right before the lesson :P So that did not go down too well I felt...

Discipline: Thank you all! I think I have it lucky since all the 'bad students' are so sick of being bad that they turned good :P I have to say though that for Mas, I didnt really think that she was sick at first. I thought that she was sleeping in my class :P

China boy: very exaggerating but gosh I seriously didnt know how to handle it so had to refer to 'after lesson' strategy :P

On hindsight, a lot of 'after lesson' students I have to meet hor?


Hahah, mind map. I actually forgot what I was supposed to write for the first part - definition of an earthquake. So I got you to refer to your own notes that you made instead, another cock up :P I also forgot about our missing sick students!!! TOTALLY!!!

Kean Fan pointed out something to me after the lesson though - I should collec the worksheet instead of asking them to bring it back, makes sense. Thanks!

Ok, a lot more things to write but Im running out of time. Gotta run to meet you peeps at NUS!!! LaterzZZ.....!!!!!!!!!!! :))


  • At 5:43 AM, Blogger S W said…

    No prob. :)
    I think you really did extremely well! I was just commenting to WH that you were the first to really complete what you set out to teach. That was really awesome! :)

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